SGC indie bundle

The Bundle is Over

Funds Raised : $70

Thank you so much to everyone who supported the bundle hopefully we will get to do this again some time

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Chronicles of Veltron More to come
Get Well Gamer Foundation SickBrick

The Chronicles of Veltron

Gremlin Invasion Survivor

Rainbow Ball More to come    
RainBow Ball Music Island    

About The Rising Star Indie Bundle

Initially conceived as the SGC indie bundle, The Rising Star indie bundle is the brain child of a group of young “Rising Star” developers to bring their games together to help raise funds for the Get Well Gamer Foundation.  The goal to get time in the spotlight not just for young developers but for a great cause that hasn’t seen it’s fair time in the sun.

The Get Well Gamer Foundation helps bring games and game systems to children in the hostpital to help provide entertainment and a proven pain aid to the kids as well as let them feel more like kids and less like patients during long hospital stays. Allow the president of the foundation Mr. Ryan Sharpe to explain more.

Get Well Gamer is a wonderful foundation that is focused on helping kids and could really use some help from the gaming community


Everybody Won

The Consumer (you)

The Developers

Get Well Gamer

You get to pay as much or as little as you want for four great titles as well as help kids in the hospital and let them forget about the fact they have to be in there even just for a little bit

The developers get to share their work with you the consumer as well as get some funds to  buy some food and water and keep the roofs over their pull out couches

The Get Well Gamer Foundation gets some much needed funds to help out more kids by giving more games to more hospital and into the hands of more kids who could really use them to take their minds off what’s happening


If you didn't get the bundle but would like to help please donate to the get well gamers foundation on their site


The Games



Magrathean Technologies brings you the dark strange scifi world of SickBrick, in a unknown desert you have to fight past hostile robots to uncover your past. With modern graphics and old school fps game play Sickbrick is one adventure you shouldn’t miss.

Gremlin Invasion: Survivor

A great solo or co-op experience Gremlin Invasion: Survivor from CS Squared Games has you blast away gremlins as you and your friends try and survive with only the weapons and equipment you find dropped along your journey.  Wise health and ammo use is a necessity in this top down arcade shooter. All you have to do is survive.

Chronicles of Vetron

MM games brings you the retro inspired RPG Chronicles of Veltron, featuring a unique sense of humor that pokes fun at various RPG tropes. Chronicles of Veltron maybe light hearted but it is a very deep and engaging full of interesting and wonderful characters and places.

Rainbow Ball

A fun mix of strategy and brick breaking arcade joy. Rainbow Ball from Podunk Studioz combines the color swapping aspects of Outland and ikaruga into a breakout styled game. Offered up over 115 levels Rainbow gives you plenty to do.

Music Island

A tropical combination one part rhythm game one part tower defense Music Island from Thunderfish Entertainment had players saving an island with the power of music.


None of these games interest you but you still want to help out




Q: How Do I get the Rising Star Indie Bundle?

A: The bundle is no longer available sorry

Q: How much is the bundle?

A:That is up to you, you can pay as little as the minimum dollar or a million dollars if you choose

Q: Where does the money go to?

A: The funds raised will be equally divided amongst the developers and the Get Well Gamer Foundation

Q:I bought the bundle and I would like to increase the amount I gave how can I do that?

A: the easiest way is to use the donate button on this page

Q: I have other questions you didnt answer here

A: If you have any questions about the bundle please email the bundle coordinator Dusty from podunk studioz at